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  • Sometimes, Friends, Family and Entrepreneurship “Ko Le Werk”

    Whenever I’m having conversations with people who are entrepreneurs for some reason, we always seem to divert into the impact of friends and family on entrepreneurship. How friends and family make or have made either positive or negative impact on the growth, development and success of our individual businesses. A lot… View Post

    Introverted Entrepreneurs

    “The role I have right now, it is not something that has been given to me by someone. It is something I have chosen for myself”  – Malala Yousafzai… For a long time, I believed I was an extrovert. Well, because of my playful and bubbly nature. I loved to laugh… View Post

    Information Sharing

    Has it ever happened to you that just because of a misguided opinion about one person, you alter everything you do? I mean, change the smallest irrelevant things in our lives just because we don’t want the person to copy or know about us. We want to make the person… View Post

    Know Your Place In People’s Lives and Act Accordingly

    “Know your place in people’s lives and act accordingly…” This is one of my favourite quotes. For a long while now, I’ve been reflecting on friends and how they impact our lives. To a large extent, we think we know our friends well enough but, do we really? The people… View Post

    Unfriendly Friends

    Can we really do without friends? Seriously, friends are more than just fun people we love to hang out with; they are crucial to our well-being. Recent studies have shown that people who have good friends are healthier, happier, live longer, and feel like the challenges they face are more… View Post