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    A Piece of Advice
  • Do Not Let People Impose On You!

    So I have been thinking a lot lately and I decided to write about a particular thought that keeps bothering me. Loads of people come into our lives for different reasons, some for good, some for bad, some for a moment and others for a lifetime. One thing I have… View Post

    Creating Your Personal Brand

    I know I haven’t posted in a while; this is due to different commitments that have taken over my thoughts. When I do get a chance to breathe, I watch a movie in the comfort of my room free from all disturbances and inferences. Today’s topic is somewhat personal to… View Post

    Changing Career Feels Like Moving Houses

    Changing careers can sometimes feel like one is moving houses. I decided to move back to Leeds from Sheffield after 10 months and OMG, packing is the worst thing that can ever happen to a decent person. In as much as I was excited about moving back to Leeds, the… View Post

    New Facebook Group: The Blogging Hub

    Finding a certain type of blog post can be a stressful task. I spend a good deal of my time on Google trying to find the right article, website or blog post. Sometimes, I find the perfect post after few minutes of searching and sometimes I don’t find it at… View Post

    When You Feel Your life Plans Are Not Forthcoming

    This post is not necessarily about business or entrepreneurship but, life in general. There comes a point in life when your plans are not forthcoming. The way we want our life to be is nothing but a far stretched dream. As a child, we dreamt of being successful, living in… View Post