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  • Walking Away From Unhealthy Relationships – Part 2

    Rejection Is A Blessing In Disguise Contrary to your belief that you were rejected because you were not good enough, rejection means that that person who rejected you wasn’t meant for you, otherwise, they would have stayed with you. They are manipulating you into believing that you are the problem.… View Post

    Walking Away from Unhealthy Relationships – Part 1

    On the road to happily ever after, there’s always another bus. If you clicked on this post, I’m guessing you are on a quest to let go of an unhealthy relationship or find help dealing with rejection. Hopefully, this post will help you make the right decision. Let’s be honest,… View Post

    A Piece of Advice

    Loads of people come into our lives for different reasons; Some for good and some for bad. One thing I have learned with time is that whether good or bad, some come to impose their “best” versions of you. Personal or professional wise, never let people’s views about what is… View Post

    Unlikely Friends – My PhD and I

    This weekend, I was listening to Pastor K. preaching about ‘breakups’. He spoke about how people who are being dumped for whatever reason(s) should not cry or beg the other person to come back but walk away with the little dignity they have left. He said, “once they tell you… View Post

    Making a Choice – My Natural Hair Journey

    Natural hair, where do I begin? So, I made a choice to transition from relaxed to natural hair. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had relaxed hair. I had my first chemical treatment probably when I was 6 years and it’s been like that ever since. I’ve… View Post